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Infrared Light Therapy, a Game Changer

Infrared Light Therapy - Showing little red lights that enhance blood flow through the body

Infrared Light Therapy, a Game Changer

What is infrared light therapy?

As a certified massage and lymphedema therapist in San Diego, I deal with clients who experience pain due to injury, muscle tension as well as damage to tissue as a result of surgery. Chronic pain is a common complaint in my industry and finding a solution that does not involve toxic medications in order to relieve the pain is crucial. One method of pain relief that I employ in my practice is infrared Therapy, it relieves pain without any toxic side effects, the client usually present noticeable improvement after one treatment, and it allows the client to resume daily activities that they have been unable to do because of chronic pain.

A Brief History of Infrared Development

The science behind pain therapy is based on the findings of 1998 Nobel Prize-winning scientists, Robert F Furchott, Louis J Ignarro and Ferid Murad who found that there was a correlation between infrared therapy, nitric oxide release and increased circulation to the area where applied. Since that time, decades of research validated the findings that nitric oxide released in the body causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, improving blood flow to damaged tissue and nerve cells, and lessening pain.

My Unique Process

The second component I employ while using Infrared Therapy is Lymphatic drainage massage, which accelerates the evacuation of waste products such as foreign and damaged cells, microbes, and metabolic waste. Lymphatic drainage also shores up the immune system by accelerating the absorption of fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and proteins into the cardiovascular system.  The combination of infra-red therapy with Lymphatic drainage massage serves as a powerhouse combination for overall health of the body, by shoring up the immune system, reducing inflammation as well as addressing pain management in a way that works with the natural healing process of the body.

At the Bodhi tree holistic health solutions, we use only Healthlight red light Therapy pads, FDA approved and medical grade which are among the most powerful on the market today. For more information about infrared therapy contact The Bodhi Tree Holistic Health Solution today.

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