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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

and Supplementary Light Therapy


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage encourages lymph drainage through light pressure and targeted movements. Your lymphatic system could underperform for several reasons, such as general or cosmetic surgery, auto-immune disease, and lymphatic disorders.

A lymphatic massage isn’t just a post-surgical massage nor a service to avail only after you’ve been diagnosed with a condition. You can recruit this Bodhi Tree Holistic Health Solution for prevention rather than cure.

Supplementary Infrared Therapy

Infrared therapy is a pain-free and non-invasive method recommended for pain relief. It uses light technology to alleviate chronic or acute pain and inflammation and enhance blood flow to an injury or wound to promote faster recovery.

You can complement your massage with this pain relief solution at The Bodhi Tree Holistic Health Solution. At just $20 per area, you can improve your massage experience and overall health.

Customized Packages

Our affordable massages start at just $100, significantly less than any price you’d find anywhere else in San Diego. You can also get a discount on six lymphatic drainage massages with our holistic center and redeem them within four months after the initial purchase.
Do you want a more personalized experience, say a longer or shorter massage session coupled with infrared therapy? Reach out for a package customized to your needs and availability.

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